Meat Crawlers for Walleye Fishing Bait

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This past winter while attending a fishing seminar, I was introduced to the Uncle Josh Meat products. I was impressed with the product and anxious to try, especially in Canada. On my trip to Lake of the Woods during the first week of July 2013 was the first time I used the Meat Canadian Night Crawler. On the first day of our trip, my wife and I were trolling crawler harnesses with the Meat Canadian Crawlers. In about 20 minutes I had my first fish on. I could it was a big fish. My first walleye was 30", a personal best for me! My wife Pat caught a 28" walleye off the same spot, a personal best for her also! The Meat products are tough but very life like and allow to catch several fish with the same bait, where as real night crawlers work well, the fish can get them off the hook sometimes. We had a great week and caught more walleyes with Meat crawlers. I had success with Meat minnow products as well. Everyone is familiar with Gulp and the phrase "Gulp out fishes live bait". Uncle Josh Meat products out fish Gulp! I also caught some nice northern with the Meat crawlers, best one for the week was a fat 34"! The big fish we caught on the crawler harness rigs with Meat crawlers inhaled the whole thing! I make my own crawler harnesses and are stronger than what is sold in stores, so I don't worry about losing big fish. Thanks for making a great product. I will not go fishing without my "Uncle Josh". I will be going back to Canada in early September and look forward to catching more big walleyes.

Mike Borchardt

Waukesha, WI

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