Meat Bait for Bass Fishing Proves Successful

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Uncle Josh “Meat” Series has taken pork baits to the next level. The pork skin has been removed for flush/gentle movement in the water, down to making the “Meat” Series the easiest pork to take off the hook. Without a doubt when the fish call, it is the toughest most durable bait in my arsenal. My go-to “Meat” product is the Craw, for producing a true giant bass. I have the option to flip a skirt jig in the heaviest cover, down to piercing the Craw on the back of a spinnerbait as a trailer. The brine solution that comes in every package allows the fish to detect the bait from a far distance with the brine solution that pulses out of the pork bait when you work it through the water. With that being a few features of the “Meat” Craw and “Meat” Series go on over to the MEAT tab and get a bag and try it out will not be disappointed! 

Ryan Valley
The Fields Edge Outdoors

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