Meat Bait for Walleye Fishing

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While pre-fishing tournament waters for walleye, my partner and I were having a tough time getting on large fish. Trolling live crawlers on spinner rigs was not working as expected. We decided to switch things up a bit by changing a few lines to Uncle Josh "Meat" Canadian Crawlers. We quickly had some promising results. This 27.5 inch walleye struck hard and inhaled the bait. We continued to have great results with "Meat" crawlers, proving they can out fish live bait. 

Uncle Josh "Meat" products offer other benefits too. Not only do these products look and act like live bait, they stay on the hook much better. Whether casting, trolling structure, fishing heavy current, or having small fish pick off your live bait..."Meat" will take the hit without compromising presentation. Less time re-baiting means more time to put fish in the boat!

Adam Walton
Pro walleye tournament angler and owner of Pike Pole Fishing Guide Service

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