Grass Stalker Jig: Catch Big Bass in Grass and Heavy Cover

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Monday, July 01, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

Here’s the jig made to mate with “pigs” of pork or plastic and to catch bass that live in the jungle.

Year in and year out, the proverbial “jig-and-pig” combination – a skirted jig with pork or plastic trailer -- produces more big bass than any other category of bait.

One big reason big bass get big is that they inhabit areas few baits can reach.

And one big reason the Grass Stalker Jig catches them is that it is designed to penetrate the vegetation and heavy cover that big bass love! With its brush weedguard and hydrodynamic “V”-shaped jighead, it passes deftly through underwater jungles few jigs can navigate. Its molded eyelet limits accumulation of grass and debris.

Pitch it to docks, deadfall and heavy cover. Fish it among weed clumps and over the tops of submerged vegetation.

Two Grass Stalker models are currently available from Uncle Josh:

  • Rattlin’ Grass Stalker (five sizes from ¼- to 1-ounce) comes with attached skirt and 13 head/skirt color combinations. A pair of rattles help bass locate the jig in clear or dark water and in thick cover.
  • The Grass Stalker Pro Series is a half-ounce painted jighead with brush weedguard and bait keeper feature – ideal for a variety of pork and plastic trailers including the popular beaver-style baits.

Like all baits in Uncle Josh’s Bass Stalker jig line, Grass Stalker jigs feature a concave underside, a design element that slows the jig’s rate of descent and enables it to stand upright on the bottom.


With a touch of creativity, the Grass Stalker morphs into almost anything a bass wants it to resemble. By varying the trailer, skirt and color combinations you can turn it into forage favorite ranging from a crayfish or frog to a bluegill, shad, salamander or just some undefinable aquatic creature a bass can’t ignore!

Some of the recommended trailers for the Grass Stalker include:

Kalin’s 3-inch Scrub – This paddletail trailer creates commotion with its lifelike twintail action. “The 3-inch Scrub makes a nice flipping trailer,” notes Matt Bichanich of Uncle Josh. “It gives the jig extra length and a nice falling action, both feet kicking during the fall!”

Uncle Josh MEAT Craw (3.5-inch) – The flappin’ craw claws of this buoyant all-fat pork trailer rise as the Grass Stalker falls and flare up in a classic crawfish defensive posture when it bangs wood, rock or lake bottom. “You can get a big profile with a traditional placement of the trailer through the hook hole or a more compact, integrated, ‘natural ‘look by threading it up the hook shank,” says Bichanich. “And with an all pork-fat trailer, your jig falls more slowly.”

Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog – This classic jig-and-pig trailer is right at home on the back of the Grass Stalker. Its pork skin legs are supple and durable.

Uncle Josh MEAT Frog (2.5-inch) and MEAT Diamond Frog (2.5-inch) – Similar in appearance to the classic #11, these MEAT trailers have added buoyancy and a more undulating action in the water.

Many anglers prefer beaver-style plastics on the Grass Stalker and Grass Stalker Pro Series. Try splitting the belly of the bait an inch or so to add a bigger, leg-kicking action.

Note: The wire “keeper” barb of the Grass Stalker helps to keep all your trailers in place.

The skirted Rattlin’ Grass Stalker jig comes in 13 head/skirt color combinations and five sizes – 3/8-,  ¼-, ½-, ¾- and 1-ounce.

The Bass Stalker jig line moves into the Kalin’s family of high quality jigs and plastics this season.

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