Jig & Pig Tips: Jared Lintner’s “Special Request” MEAT jig trailers

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

Thank this Bassmaster Elite pro for two of the hottest additions to the Uncle Josh MEAT line-up -- the Uncle Josh Pork MEAT TW Bubba and Uncle Josh Pork MEAT TW CrawFrog.

Jared Lintner admits that, when it came to jig trailers, he was beginning to succumb to the “plastic habit.”

“Yeah, I was guilty,” he said. “But I found myself going back to the garage again and again for those jars of pork!”

Thanks to the new Uncle Josh MEAT line of pork baits, not only is Lintner back to packing a wide array of pork jig trailers, he has brought two pork trailers with him as special product offerings now available through Tackle Warehouse: the Uncle Josh Pork MEAT TW Bubba and Uncle Josh Pork MEAT TW CrawFrog.

Uncle Josh’s Pork MEAT TW Bubba

The MEAT Bubba is a large, almost oversized pork trailer that Uncle Josh has made “even bigger and better” as a four-inch wide-body chunk. Like all products in the Uncle Josh MEAT line, it is cut from pork fat alone without skin, which provides it with incredibly lifelike action and keeps it soft and supple even after it has been out of the water for an extended period.

It comes in a recloseable plastic zip-lock MEAT package and is soaked in fish-attracting scent.

The all-fat body makes it easy to position MEAT trailers up the hook shank. A specially designed “bait-keeper” ring secures the trailer in place.

“I flip with the Bubba mainly in heavy cover,” says Lintner. “It provides a big profile and a big presentation.”

Bubba has accounted for giant bass on two of Lintner’s home waters, Clear Lake and the California Delta, as well as other central coast lakes in California.

With his Bubba and jig combo, Lintner counted coup on Mississippi River bass, too, at the Bassmaster Elite Series event in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, in 2012.

“With its big profile, it works best in stained to dirty water,” explains Lintner. “At LaCrosse, the water was clear but in the grass beds, and I was still getting a lot of bites. But it seems like wherever I fish, I get bites on it.”

The jig his Bubba buddies up most with these days is the Eco Pro Heavyweight Flipping Jig, a lure Lintner helped design.

A big jig is a must with the Bubba. “You can’t have a small hook, and you can’t use a finesse jig,” he explains. “You need to have enough hook to get into the fish. You need a jig that will complement that big piece of pork.”

His color preferences are black, black and blue, crawdad brown and green pumpkin. “I’ve flipped them all,” he says. “But black is my all time favorite!”

Lintner maintains that the bulk, buoyancy and sheer size of the MEAT Bubba gives it a different look and fall rate than what bass are accustomed to seeing.

“I caught fish in a local tournament fishing immediately behind three boats that had already worked the area,” he recalls. “Those fish are tired of getting caught with a jig and piece of plastic!”

Uncle Josh Pork MEAT TW CrawFrog

The guidance of pork fans like Lintner opened the door to a new and better Uncle Josh CrawFrog.

Cut entirely from pork fat, the skinless Uncle Josh Pork MEAT TW CrawFrog has added buoyancy, better mouthfeel, and extended shelflife over its predecessor. It is available exclusively through Tackle Warehouse.

“Instead of the straight legs found on frog chunks, the CrawFrog has ripple in the legs,” explains Lintner. “That curl gives it a nice swimming action. Pork reacts different in the water than plastic, and those swimming style legs just keep working even when the bait is hardly moving at all.’

The bait makes a deadly jig trailer, but its undulating twin-tail action and the added buoyancy of its “all-fat” composition opens the door to other applications.

“I use it on the back of a swim jig, as a spinnerbait trailer, and as a buzzbait trailer, too,” says Lintner. “That’s what a tournament angler is always looking for – something a little different than what the next guy is throwing! This bait is so versatile!”

Pork revolution

The all-fat Uncle Josh MEAT line has revitalized -- if not revolutionized – pork baits.

“While I was fishing at the Sabine River for the Bassmaster Elite event in March, a guy asked, ‘Are you still throwing pork?’” relates Lintner. “All he could remember was how his old pork trailers dried out after half an hour in a hot sun.

“I told him, ‘Man, this (MEAT) is not like old-school stuff. It’s not as stiff and has incredible lifelike action…and it really holds scent throughout the day.’ You really haven’t rediscovered pork until you try it.”

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