Kalin’s Spot Stalker Jig: “Plain and simple” equals deadly and versatile!

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Monday, July 29, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

They say there’s beauty in simplicity. And, oftentimes in fishing, “simplicity” is a deadly rig’s most important ingredient!

The Spot Stalker is the leanest of the four specialty Bass Stalker jigs moving into the Kalin’s family in fall of 2013. It’s a streamlined tool ready to work with crawfish, worms, creature baits, tubes, grubs and other soft plastics.

“It’s the ‘plain’ jig in the line, with a simple wire weedguard,” explains Matt Bichanich, director of marketing for Uncle Josh Bait Company, parent of the Kalin’s jig and soft plastic lure family. “But it does so much!”

The bait keeper bark holds plastics in place. It also serves as a collar to hold a Kalin’s BS Stalker Skirt, if that’s what the situation calls for!

The Spot Stalker is a jig for tough conditions and tough underwater terrain – where finesse and fine-tuning are the order of the day.

Stand-up guy!

The Spot Stalker is a stand-up jig with standout features that buttress its performance and versatility.

Its balanced, hydrodynamic design enables a variety of bait configurations to swim and crawl in the natural nose-down posture of a crawling, searching, fleeing, and sometimes feeding creature that bass and other predators thrive upon.

The concave underside of the jighead slows the jig’s descent and adds to its “stand-up” stability even when the bait is at rest. The jig truly shines with a buoyant plastic trailer. Floating worms stand upright and wave their tails high. Crawfish plastics rear up in classic defensive posture, claws waving high, and just daring a bass or other predator to act.

Finesse tool

The Spot Stalker is true to its name, sliding and sidling through vegetation and brush and waltzing over rock. Sizes range from 1/16 to 5/16 ounce – that’s lightweight to welterweight class in the jigging game. It has the perfect size and frame to work with soft hand-poured plastics and the mid-size plastics that comprise the bulk of the soft plastic bassin’ arsenal.

A single wire hook guard replaces the conventional multi-bristle plastic weedguard, making for a smaller, leaner profile. Together with the Spot Stalker’s fine wire hook, they make the jig ideal for a variety of finesse offerings with Kalin’s tubes or grubs or any of your favorite finesse plastics.

 The smaller sizes (1/16- to 3/16-ounce) of the Spot Stalker are best worked with spinning tackle and light line of 8-pound test or comparable braid or superline equivalent.

For cold water, sluggish fish and SLOOOOW presentation, fit the Spot Stalker with a sparse skirt and one of the pork trailers in the Uncle Josh MEAT line (the 3-inch MEAT Diamond Frog, 2.5-inch MEAT Frog, the MEAT Beaver and the MEAT Craw) or an Uncle Josh Mini Frog  (1-1/2” by ¾”) or Spinning Frog #101 or #101A (1-7/8” by ¾”) or the larger Uncle Josh Kicker Frog #23 (2-1/2” by 5/8”).

The Spot Stalker hunts pressured or finicky bass down even when they are hunkered down in docks, timber and other tough-to-work cover.

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