SIZMIC developments at ICAST 2013; new lures highlight Kalin’s introductions

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Friday, July 19, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

If you’re an angler apt to fall in love at the first sight of a deadly new lure, let the pitter-patter begin! This coming season, Uncle Josh will unleash three new Kalin’s soft plastic lures that predators of lake and sea are likely to fall for as quickly as you! 


The new SIZMIC-Grub takes the most versatile bait in angling history – the curlytail grub – and gives it a spin inspired by both the swimbait and the leg kick of the Sizmic Toad. The bait sports a bulky ribbed body and a rudder-like webbed paddletail separated by a ball-like “hinge” that allows the tail to go to work. The marriage of concepts delivered one of the most unique soft plastic lures on display at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas.

The new SIZMIC-Grub is half-grub, half swimbait…and a complete mouthful for bass, big crappie, and even musky, pike, snook, redfish and other predators. Just pick a size and color suited to your quarry. The bait comes in 2-inch, 3-inch, 3.8-inch and 4.8-inch sizes.


The SIZMIC-Shad is a new rounded-body swimbait equipped with a paddletail that won’t quit. The bait , which will come in 10 colors and 3.8- and 4.8-inch sizes, features a detailed fish head that transitions to a ribbed body that offers additional water displacement.

A slotted back allows for easy Texas rigging -- and more successful hook-ups -- with a variety of wide-gap or weighted or unweighted swimbait hooks. But you can also add it to a swim jig or to several plain jighead styles, including the Kalin’s Ultimate Jig Head and  Kalin’s Ultimate Swim Bait Jig, to gain even more tail and body action and a teasing rock and roll as the bait swims!

But many at the Uncle Josh ICAST booth already were seeing double, triple and quintuple in the SIZMIC Shad, deeming it the ideal bait for the umbrella rig (a.k.a. “Alabama” rig) for bass, stripers, hybrids and other predators for which the sight of schooling baitfish triggers an irresistible urge to pounce!

“This bait has ranked high on our product development list for some time,” noted Matt Bichanich, tournament angler and national sales manager for Kalin’s parent, Uncle Josh Bait Company. “But we took our time testing it in the R&D lab and on the water to get it right.”


Kalin’s went “magnum” with the 10- and 13-inch versions of its SIZMIC-Worm, the first such oversized mouthful for big freshwater bass in the Kalin’s line.  The worms are hand-poured to deliver the supple action and soft mouthfeel that trophy bass hunters rely on. That action is enhanced by the worm’s segmented body design, which features a consecutive series of plastic “pods” tapering down to a thumping paddle tail that attracts fish even in stained and dirty water – or in the inky blackness of night!

You’ll want to fish it with a bullet nose sinker in classic Texas-rig fashion, particularly in vegetation where this weedless rig shines. But it is great on a Carolina rig or on one of the new shaky head jig models designed for magnum worms, too.

Brand blending  

Fishermen cherish their favorite brands. That’s especially true when it comes to soft plastic baits.

The introduction of the SIZMIC-Grub, SIZMIC- Shad, and SIZMIC-Worm ushers in a new series of baits that carry both of Uncle Josh’s two venerable soft plastic brands -- Kalin’s, arguably the most beloved brand in grubs and trailers; and Sizmic, the brand that brought excitement to the name “Toad.”

In the coming season, the SIZMIC Toad and Rigged Magnum Toad will also carry both the “Kalin’s” and “Sizmic” name. 

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