Summer is ‘Football’ Season! Time for the Rock Stalker Jig!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

 “Football” season arrives early for anglers. In fact, the Uncle Josh/Kalin’s team beats the gold and green in Green Bay to its summer season exercises.

When bass move to hard bottom structure and the edges of deep vegetation for the summer period on the fishing calendar, no bait bangs bass more consistently than a football-style jig like the Rock Stalker, one of four deadly jigs in the Bass Stalker line from Uncle Josh.

Football jigs are broad, oval-shaped jigs made to walk over rock and other tough terrain on the lake bottom. The jig design is a proven killer on deep rocky points, humps, sunken islands, and hard-bottom ledges where bass take up residence during the summer heat. Meet them on their own turf with a football-head jig and a well-selected trailer, and it’s “game on!”

Not all football jigs play the game the same, however. The design features and 4/0 Gamakatsu black nickel hook of the Rock Stalker assure that this jig is in shape and ready for hard banging come game time.

Note: The four jigs in the Bass Stalker line will carry the Kalin’s brand beginning this summer when Uncle Josh moves its custom designed bass jigs – Rock Stalker, Grass Stalker, Swim Stalker and Spot Stalker – into the most successful family of soft plastic grubs, jigs and jig trailers in the angling world today!

 “The Rock Stalker has a wider base so it will cover that rock or hard bottom terrain better than other styles of jigs,” explains Matt Bichanich, Uncle Josh sales and marketing manager, who has put the jigs to the test in extensive tournament competition. “It has a concave bottom that helps it stand and stay erect. When it hits rock or other cover, it kicks up and gives your trailer extra action. It also has a recessed line tie that semi-protects your knot when it rubs against rock.”

Trailer tandem

A number of trailers team well with the Rock Stalker. Here are a few:

  • The Kalin’s 3-inch Scrub features a double paddle-tail that adds dimension to the jig and gives it a larger profile as well. “I classify it as a really good summer trailer,” says Bichanich. “When you are popping and ripping a football jig deep, you want that bigger summer profile. And the pair of kicking paddle tails definitely slow the jig’s fall.”
  • The Uncle Josh #11 Pork Frog –  It’s  a classic “jig-and-pig “ match-up when Rock Stalker teams with the venerable pork frog.
  • The Uncle Josh MEAT Craw (3.5-inch) produces realistic crawfish action behind the football jig. The pure-fat MEAT trailer’s buoyant claws spring to defensive alert like a defiant crawfish when the jig bumps an object.

Fear not the grass patch!

Some of the most productive areas for summer bass are mixes of rock, sand or gravel with patches of aquatic vegetation.

“Believe it or not, I like to throw the Rock Stalker into those 10- to 18-foot weed areas and pop it through the cover,” says Bichanich. “That’s something you don’t want to overlook – working the jig on deep structure where you find a mix of rock and sand and weeds.

“Some guys won’t fish a football head there, but if you can rip it through their clean, a fish will eat it!””


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