Swim Stalker Jig: Find Bass Fast with the ‘Stealth’ Search Bait

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

Search baits find fish fast. Jigs catch big bass. Swim jigs do both!

In case you haven’t heard the whispers, a “quiet” revolution has taken place in bass fishing in recent years.

Knowing bass fishermen have added a “stealth” search bait to their tackle arsenal, and, for many, it has replaced a spinnerbait or crankbait as their Number One “hunting” tool.

It’s the swim jig, brought to excellence in the Swim Stalker model in the Bass Stalker jig line from Uncle Josh Bait Company. Fittingly, the lure will carry the venerable “Kalin’s” brand beginning late in the 2013 tackle season.

The object of a “search bait” is to locate active fish quickly by covering potentially productive water in the fastest, most efficient way possible. A swim jig does just that!

Year in and year out, the proverbial “jig-and-pig” combination – a skirted jig with pork or plastic trailer -- produces more big bass than any other category of bait. By varying the trailer, skirt and color combinations, the angler can make it resemble any one of a wide variety of forage species that inhabit the bass’s domain from a crayfish or frog to a bluegill, shad or salamander.

The swim jig is the jig family member with A.D.D.! It moves quickly, almost relentlessly, with only occasional pauses or stops, passing energetically across flats and through weed clumps and stump fields. But unlike other search baits that display lots of noise, commotion and vibration, the swim jig offers a subtle swimming motion that is less likely to set off  “danger” signals to a bass in a neutral or negative mood.

Made to swim!

The key to an effective swimming jig rests on a hydrodynamic design that enables it to swim in a horizontal fashion even at fast retrieve speeds.

“The Swim Stalker has a 28-degree hook eye to make sure the jig swims straight. You can’t have it turning or falling onto its side,” explains Matt Bichanich , Uncle Josh sales and marketing head and seasoned tournament angler. “It swims straight as an arrow! That’s the most important thing with a swim jig and the key to a natural presentation…We got lucky with the Swim Stalker design and nailed it in the first go-around.”

Every Swim Stalker jig features a hand-tied skirt. “That makes the skirt flare more,” notes Bichanich. “It also lasts longer.”

Another key design element is a wire bait-keeper feature extending from the back of the jig to hold plastic trailers in place. “Your plastic won’t slide down,” notes Bichanich. “That means longer life out of your trailer.”

The Swim Stalker has a bristle weedguard that protects the hook and enables the jig to work effectively through brush and vegetation. Yet the weedguard is thin enough to enable a hookset even when fished with long distance casts on relatively light line (8- to 10-pound test) – thanks, in part, to the jig’s sharp light wire hook.

Other features include a recessed line tie that protects the knot from abrasion as it contacts cover and a concave underside – signature feature of the Bass Stalker jig series -- that slows the jig’s rate of fall and keeps it upright.

Three trailers tailored to swim jigs are:

Kalin’s Grub – The curlytail grub offers tantalizing swimming action even at slow swimming speeds. “I have a lot of experience with the Kalin’s grub, and it is my Number One trailer, especially when water temperatures are above 60 degrees,” says Bichanich. “It is my ‘go-to’ trailer. It’s the perfect length, and it really catches fish.”

Kalin’s Scrub (3-inch) -- When water temperature is below 60 degrees, the Scrub truly shines. “It hovers a little better, and I can fish it slower because it is bulkier than a grub,” explains Bichanich. “Plus it has two paddles kicking. It is my spring-fall trailer.”

Paddle tail swimbait – Swimbaits have a reputation for producing big fish. Add a paddle tail swimbait to your Swim Stalker, and you have a combination that will produce bass in both large size and big numbers. Coming this season is a brand new Kalin’s swimbait made with meticulous attention to action and detail – the perfect complement to the Swim Stalker! Look for the Kalin’s swimbait in the second half of the 2013 season.


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