Two New Ways to Skin a Cat…and other new products at ICAST 2013

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013
by Mike Pehanich

They’re everywhere!

Catfish grow big, and they fight hard. They inhabit countless waters across the contiguous 48 states and beyond our borders, north and south.

But like all big fish, they can be tough to find and even harder to catch.

Little Stinker, the catfish product brand of Uncle Josh Bait Company, introduced two new catfish baits at ICAST 2013 that draw catfish and bring them to bite.  Here’s a preview of these and other new products from Uncle Josh that are ready to make their debut in the 2014 tackle season.

Punch Bait

The Punch Bait series is a three-product line of prepared catfish baits that delivers a potent stink bait formulation without the messy work of stink bait preparation.

The product development team faced a multiple challenge: to create a stink bait that not only delivered the scent and texture catfish love but also adhered to a simple #4 treble hook without special hooks or rigs.

“All you need is a spoon or other simple tool to push the hook into the Punch Bait,” notes Matt Bichanich, national sales manager for Uncle Josh. “The texture of Punch Bait does the rest. It grips the hook and holds fast in still or moving water.”

Punch Bait comes in three flavors: Garlic Shad, Bloody Crayfish and Bloody Minnow.


As its name implies, Little Stinker’s Baitflare is a ground bait that attracts big catfish. The scent bag erupts in the water, and its powerful attractant permeates and spreads rapidly.

“You can cast it, drop it or even use a sling shot these scent bags,” says Bichanich. “The volcano-like action creates a cloud of micro-scent particles that bring big catfish in from a distance. Boat anglers and shore anglers alike can spread them strategically to create catfish feeding areas. You can literally bring the big cats to you!”

Little Stinker Baitflare comes in two convenient no-mess packets that are ready for use straight from the package.

Uncle Josh Crickets

Summer sunfish and trout love crickets! Any warm day  those squeaking hopping insects fall from a tall grass blade or a riverbank, they are goners!

But bait shops that carry them often are few and far between. And who has the time, patience or dexterity to chase a dozen of them down?

Uncle Josh Crickets will give cricket-loving anglers a convenient option next season. They are actual crickets that are preserved, packaged and ready to hook – and they won’t hop to freedom before you put them to work!

Use them all summer long, then bring them back for ice fishing. Panfish love them all year long!

Uncle Josh Crickets will come in resealable packages, 25 crickets to a pack.

Premium Snelled Spring Hook

New for 2014, too, will be two styles of trout hook rigs – single hook and treble hook types -- that will hold a variety of popular trout baits, including dough-style baits, securely and simply.

Both styles of the Uncle Josh Natura Springed Trout Hook rigs feature a spring-over-shank hook snelled to a 20-inch leader of four-pound test premium monofilament.

The treble hook rig comes in #14, #16 and #18 gold trebles, three to a pack.

The single hook rig comes in #8, #10 and #12 red hooks, also three to a pack.

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