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Baits and Lures for Any Fish Species

Uncle Josh knows fish.  Plain and simple.  So when you want the best fishing bait, lures, jigs and tackle to land that monster fish you’ve been chasing, come to Uncle Josh.  Our expert anglers have spent most of their life experimenting with different fishing baits to find the best lures to match the hatch for any fish your heart desires.  Whether you’re looking for the best bass bait for your next excursion, big halibut bait for your upcoming Alaskan halibut fishing adventure or need help finding the best muskie bait to land the next record breaker, you’ve come to the right place.  Uncle josh has the depth of fishing knowledge and extensive inventory of fishing baits, lures and tackle you need to land the fish of your dreams.

Freshwater Baits for Little Lakes to Rushing Rivers

If you’re trying to land a trophy-quality black bass or Muskie, or just looking for a nice campfire breakfast of salmon or trout, Uncle Josh has the freshwater bait, lures and tackle to get them practically jumping out of the water for you. Looking for a champion walleye or Northern Pike? These fish-eating fish can’t resist realistic shiners or grubs, or better yet, worms and minnows made from real meat.

Command the Seven Seas with Baits and Lures Designed to Reel in Saltwater Fish

From the bluefish of the eastern Atlantic to the powerful and elusive Pacific yellowfin tuna, trust Uncle Josh to supply you with the jigs, lures and baits you need to rule the open ocean. Saltwater fishing offers a number of special challenges to anglers, but when you put your expedition in Uncle Josh’s hands you won’t have to worry about landing the monster fish you’ve spent a lot of time (and money) finding.

Haul Fish In Like a Pro

When you take Uncle Josh fishing with you, it’s like having a pro angler in the boat, giving you the tips (or tip ups, even) you need to land more fish, and bigger fish. If it swims, Uncle Josh has the baits, lures and jigs you need to reel it in.Fish on. Click the fish you seek for valuable information and links to our top recommended fishing bait and lures. Looking for more? Check out our freshwater, saltwater and ice fishing sections.

Ice Fishing Gear for Panfish, Crappie, Northern Pike, Walleye and Trout

Uncle Josh has dependable ice fishing equipment to make your time out on the ice a successful one. If you’re after crappie, perch, bluegill, sunfish or other panfish, you’ll want to use a Beaver Dam ice fishing rod. Choose a glass noodle rod for light biting fish or a carbon fiber rod for the more aggressive fish. Or choose a titanium tip stick. This rod is unique, because it has a retractable spring bobber to detect light bites, or you can keep the spring bobber pushed in for aggressive fish.

If you’re after larger game fish like trout, walleye, or northern pike, check out our Beaver Dam Tip Ups. These will help you cover a wide area on the ice, so you don’t miss your record fish.

Fish on.  Browse our fish species pages below. Click the fish you seek for valuable information and links to our top recommended fishing bait and lures.  Check out our freshwater, saltwater and ice fishing sections.