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Biodegradable Saltwater Baits

Fish Gobbling up MEAT!

Largemouth on MEAT Craw!

Predators LOVE Meat!

Effective Musky Lures

Our line of Bucktails driven by Sound Science technology - Gives each and every bucktail an intriguing sound that will call in even the most finicky of fish. Muskie, Northern Pike, Striper or whatever BIG fish you're after, this new line of baits will have you hanging on when the monsters hit!

Great Catfish Bait

When it comes to catching monster catfish, Uncle Josh recommends the legendary Little Stinker catfish bait and catfish lures. Consistently slay channels, flatheads, and blues with tubs or tubes of powerful Little Stinker catfish bait scents like blood, chicken liver or rotten shad.

Best Trout Baits

Uncle Josh’s Natura trout baits are the irresistible scented baits that help you catch more fish. Fill your hook with our trout bait in either paste or nugget form, or grab a ready to go trout rig for quick and easy set up. We think you'll agree that these are the best trout baits.

Shop All Of Our Hard & Soft Fishing Brands